"He taura punga heke"

A warrior mindset. To create a transformative culture for whānau and generations to come.


We create a common ground where whanau take ownership of their oranga activating a warrior mindset.

Common Grounds culture is powerful, we believe in belonging and being supported, people are truly drawn to authenticity.

Common Grounds is where everyone is equal, a space where we can strive for a healthier lifestyle for all our whanau together, using ZUU, ANKORR, and Strength & Conditioning as our medium to do so. 


"Awesome fitness for anyone. The atmosphere and support is fantastic. Push the barriers and see the results. Every workout is different and it becomes addictive"

Tony 08/09/2017 

"Toa taki tini! Mean whānau atmosphere, pushing, encouraging and helping one another! By whānau for whānau"

Marcia 15/06/2017

"The training environment is a wonderful one to be in, grinding along side like minded people, achieving our goals with one another"

Anton 08/11/2018


49A Walton Street

CBD, Whangarei 0112

Tel: 021 543 949 





Come build a warrior mindset with us !

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