Our whanau

We have a diverse bunch of coaches all  with experience in a variety of different elements from ZUU, strength and conditioning right through to waka ama and mau rakau, so we can look after whatever you need.

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I was born and bred in Whangarei, i live in Kamo with all my whanau at our urban papakainga.

I have twins to my beautiful darling Jordan, I love to stay active and try new things i always push myself to new limits that feeds into elite Waka ama.  

Within CGF I am a qualified ZUU Level 1 and 2 & Ankorr Instructor.

I coach our tamariki Waka ama,
Basketball, Kapa Haka at regional and national levels.

I see leadership a quality I bring to Common Grounds leading by example as I coach by enabling our
whanau and community to activate their warrior mindset.

I also have an incredible super power where I can sniff out
chocolate even if its hidden and eating a whole block by myself.

Live, love, learn on the water.



My name is Arama, but everyone calls me Coach Rdz.  

I was born and raised in Whangarei. I live in Kamo with my 4 tamariki and beautiful wife and we all do Zuu as a whānau.  


I have been performing Zuu movements for over 6 years now. It has enabled me to maintain a high level of fitness, flexibility and range of movement which helps a lot in everyday life.

I deliver the Ankorr classes which are our harness/resistance classes.  This class requires a stern mentality and ability to push through barriers.  


The sessions are designed to push you out of your comfort zone in so many ways, but you become stronger for it.

I’m known as Sergeant General, so I bring discipline and hard work.  Then again I’m also known as a ‘cheesy-dry-dad jokes’ guy as well so I guess I bring some humour.

I have an extensive background in Mau Rākau and Kapa Haka.  I can type 63 words per minute, I can sing (on key) and I’m really awesome at sweeping and mopping!

My favourite thing to do is kickback with my wife and kids.


Ralph ruka

Tēna koutou katoa, my name is Ralph Ruka aka Papa Zuu aka Papa Ralph.  

I have a passion for many things, however what grounds me, is my whānau, ensuring that I am an example that they will follow, leading from the back so that our waka is heading where we want it to go.

What you coach: Zuu – Regress to Progress.

I bring the support and encouragement so that Common Grounds Fitness can continue to operate as we have always done, ensuring that whānau is always first and foremost.

I am a ‘Jack of all trades, but a master of none’.  I have been coaching Waka Ama for 17 years, I love to carve and paint kowhaiwhai and I am a Pouako Māori at Te Kura o Te Kāpehu Whetū.

I love hanging with my whānau, especially my mokopuna, riding my Harley and enjoy fishing and diving.




My name is Jenn, I was raised here in whangarei, but I whakapapa back to Ngaiterangi and Te Arawa down in Tauranga.

I am married to Coach Phoenix and we have two handsome young men Rain and Common.

I am a qualified personal trainer and am a certified ZUU trainer. I coach across all our Common Grounds classes, ZUU, and Strength & Conditioning.

I am full of fun and energy, I enjoy having a good laugh in my classes but also like to push hard!


I love seeing whanau smash goals and seeing them practice and achieve movements they didn’t think they ever could.

I am also a dance teacher and have been teaching for almost 15 years. I specialise in Hip hop and Contemporary dance, but really just love expressing myself, telling by stories and sharing through movement.

I have been training in CrossFit for around a year, and love the competitive nature of the sport, and the strength & fitness it has helped me gain.
Along with the rest of the whanau I do waka ama, but more for leisure than competitive reasons.

Training with whanau, spending time with my precious little whanau. Love a little dance party every now and again !




My name is Bronwyn Morunga but most people call be Bron

(please don’t call me Bronnie lol)

I am a Māma to 4 EXTRA-ordinary Tamariki & Wife to an actual MĀORI NINJA!  

I have spent many years working in the health sector and within that time I have learnt that the only person that can ensure optimum health for me is ME. Supporting and encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves is my jam!  

Positive Mum life energy, a great smile & some good yarns

Qualified pukana teacher, professional beer taster and skilled kina opener & eater

What’s your favourite thing to do

I have lots of favourite things but Whānau time is the BEST!




Chur whanau,

Ko Phoenix Ruka ahau, you will find me either diving or on the squat rack pretending to lift weights. I have two amazing sons Rain and Common for whom i do everything to instil in them what it means to be Maori and proud of their heritage.

I am a qualified Level crossfit trainer, Level 1 ZUU coach, i specialise in strength training and love helping whanau reach limits they never thought possible.

I am super skilled at showing up just in time for dinner and dissapearing when the dishes need to be done.

This space is so exciting for us and we cant wait to see you all at CGF HQ.




My name is Auriole Ruka born and bred in Kaikohe raised by loving whānau who worked hard to instil a good work ethic and a hunger for education in all of us. 


I’m passionate about Māori being in business and whānau leadership.  Critical to this is being in action to build wealth and financial independence for our mokopuna.

Preferred name, known as

Most know me as Mama ZUU

I coach ZUU and Waka Ama (Outrigger Canoeing). 

Business Acumen and Networks.  Mostly I bring the energy, fun and love I have for people.

Experienced Senior Manager/Mentor & Supervisor

Final year of thesis for Masters Business, AUT

Project manager for major events like Innonative Markets

Board member on Hihiaua Cultural Trust and Chamber of Commerce.

Spending time with my mokopuna and whānau. 




Kia ora all, my name is Jordan, you’ll get to see my little family and I at Common Grounds classes.


I love me some kai so that’s one of the many reasons I keep active and what better way than with whanau.

I am a qualified ZUU Coach however you’ll most likely see me among you in class amidst the action.  

Usually, a drink bottle, towel, open-mind, energy, 2 children and of course Coach Jamille.

Skills that’s a good one, I found out recently I’m really good at grouting tiles in record time you’ll see this at HQ, check it out.

Travelling overseas with my family and soaking up the sun in the summer-timeeee (can’t handle the winter chills)